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About Us

Registered with MOE since 1989, Molin Tutorial Centre is lauded for its innovative and effective methods in teaching academic-based Chinese to students from 4 to 16 years of age. Because of our success in nurturing achievers, Molin enjoys a strong reputation among educators as one of the top choices for Chinese Language.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Molin Tutorial Centre’s educational philosophy is to teach our students not only to handle the school examinations, but also as part of their culture, heritage and way of life. Moral education and traditional Chinese values form part of our curriculum.

Our Special Features

Our teaching methods: Learning through playing allow the children to learn Chinese in a fun and joyous atmosphere.

Our curriculum is in-line with the syllabus set by MOE. In addition, we aim to nurture the students to have the ability of independent thinking and oral skills. This in turn broaden their general knowledge beyond academic studies.

Our Staff

Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers with tertiary education qualifications from their country. They are trained to approach each lesson using our hallmark teaching method.