Changes to PSLE Chinese Language format in 2017

Ministry of Education has announced changes to 2017 Chinese Language examination format based on 2010 Mother Tongue Languages Review committee report. The committee suggested the following changes:

  • Strengthening the teaching & learning of interaction skills
  • Greater focus on authentic activities to better engage students and develop their communication skills
  • Greater use of information & communication technology (ICT) in teaching & learning of MTLs

With the greater emphasis on Language used, the oral component of PSLE will be changed from Picture Description & Conversation to Conversation (Video), the weightage of oral marks remain unchanged.

To help your child prepare for the oral examination, Molin Tutorial Centre has made changes to the Comprehension and Composition class to add in the component of Oral starting 1 March 2017, details as follows:

Class/Components Composition Comprehension Oral (new)
OCC3 Yes Yes Yes
OCC4 Yes Yes Yes
OCC5 Yes Yes Yes
OCC6 Yes Yes Yes

At Molin, we always put your child’s learning interest first and make changes to our curriculum as soon as MOE announce the changes. With the new changes in Chinese Language in 2017, we hope to cater to your child’s learning needs and help your child in his/her quest for better results!

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