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Preschool (Nursery 2 – Kindergarten 2)

Molin Tutorial Centre preschool classes comply closely with the Ministry of Education’s Primary School Chinese Language Curriculum. Children are also taught progressively and in a practical manner. Each chapter is accompanied by the use of nursery rhymes, word cards, homework, viewing of video clips as well as oral recitation. Children are encouraged to use simple actions and facial expressions for dramatisation to achieve better learning experiences. Apart from learning in a fun way, we also cultivate moral values and habits in the children. They also have the opportunity to watch educational programmes such as the “Three Character Classic” 《三字经》etc, with guidance from the teacher.


Lower Primary (Primary 1 – Primary 3)

Molin’s lower primary tuition classes are based on MOE’s Primary School Chinese Curriculum (Normal Chinese /Higher Chinese). The content is rich, holistic and up-to-date, and we also keep our teaching schedule one step ahead of the school’s pace so that our students are better prepared to have a clearer understanding of the lessons taught.

Latest newspaper articles on local happenings and hot tropics are some of the resources we use to teach the students. They are encouraged to discuss and think through the issues, a process that helps to enhance the student’s comprehension, mental and presentation skills. Composition practices are also based on latest MOE requirements and, in addition, we will also produce other materials to help enhance student’s oral and listening comprehension skills.

Upper Primary (Primary 4 – Primary 6)

Molin’s upper primary teaching is based on the school’s textbooks, using listening, talking, reading, writing and our unique teaching resources as tools to enhance students’ understanding of each chapter, as well as specific Chinese characters, words, sentences and paragraphs. Molin uses innovative ways to teach the Chinese language by using various themes, as well as the exploration of the language to foster thinking and expression skills.


Secondary (Secondary 1 – Secondary 4)

Molin’s secondary classes are taught holistically using hot topics from newspaper with a complement of idioms and proverbs to enhance the learning experience of the students. They cover composition, reading comprehension and grammar to boost students’ confidence in the usage of the language, as well as their writing skills and analytical capability. In addition, our oral Chinese lessons help children to master oratory and presentation skills. Our resources and teaching methods are updated regularly according to latest MOE requirements.


Oral & Composition (Primary 1 – Primary 2)

Our Oral & Composition class uses interesting materials and classroom activities to help students grasp the usage of common words, methods of expression, and familiarisation with daily necessities and their names. Children are also taught listening and comprehension to enhance their oral skills and expressions.

During the essay writing class, we cultivate the use of imagination, as well as creative thinking, to help them write interesting stories. The lessons are also designed to help the children learn about ethics and moral values.

Comprehension & Composition (Primary 3 – Primary 6)

Molin’s Comprehension & Composition class incorporates the reading of passages and composition writing (both picture composition and non-picture composition), including completing stories by filling in the blanks to cultivate children’s comprehension and composition writing skills. This also helps to enhance their ability to tackle various examination questions, such as picking the correct Synonyms or Antonyms, answering of comprehension questions and using the right expressions in composition writing. By learning to write better compositions, students will learn the use of appropriate words and expressions and at the same time pick up the right moral values and desirable habits.